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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A fathers love and dedication will save the world

Alicia Marcus - an innocent little girl who develops a rare yet fatal disease: Progeria. She will not live a full life by the time she reaches the age of 25 she will look 70, her father James Marcus works diligently on a cure for her disease. But also in preparation for the worst begins recording her face, her voice and every waking moment to hold on to the memory of his beloved child. Just when he thought all was lost he discovered a cure the T-virus, it regenerates cells and at first appears to cure his daughter. Due to the discovery he begins the Umbrella Corporation with his friend Alexander Isaacs hoping to cure all disease. Unfortunately the T-virus had side effects, and they were deadly.

The Red Queen - the digital versions of Alicia Marcus created by Doctor Alexander Isaacs, she is the computer that runs all of umbrella corp her job is to protect humanity from T-virus outbreaks, as well as the staff of the umbrella corporation. She may look like an innocent little girl but she is ruthless, cold, and calculating. Her young angelic voice can often be heard saying "You're all gonna die down here" partially because she is stating an undeniable fact the T-virus outbreak is over running the world, and the other reason is because she is most likely releasing t-virus creatures to come and kill you.

Alice- She has been there since the first known widespread T-virus outbreak, due to her exposure in the initial outbreak her memories of her past have been destroyed. From the first she has been killing zombies for a long time 10 years, she has lost loved ones, friends, and seen many people die. She has been experimented on, cloned, given special powers by her exposure to the T virus, had them removed, had them given back but she is tired. All she does is kill T-virus infected zombies. When last we saw her she was in Washington DC involved in a last stand for humanity.

3 women all connected by the T-virus, one the reason for it's creation, the other it's tireless observer, and the last a warrior fighting against inevitability. The T-virus was spread by the speed of the modern world:Trains, planes, and cars if you are infected with the T virus, especially the early strains you are most likely going to die and when you do you will become a zombie, flesh craving, undead trudging on to kill the remaining members of humanity who's rolls you just left. The Umbrella corporation created a

Resident Evil and this is it's Final Chapter

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Trailers for Resident Evil The final chapter

Due to a series of extremely unfortunate but hilarious events I got to the movie theater later than expected. No seriously it was like something out of a cartoon

  • I couldn't find the car keys
  • I had to give the dog water
  • I get to the gas station because I was on E, I got the slowest teller ever
  • I get behind a car and even though no one is in front of him 10 miles under the speed limit
  • Did I mention he finally sped up when I went to pass him
  • I go to park and somebody can't decide if they want to leave or stay
BUT I got there, I made it in time to see a few of the trailers before the movie(probably would have seen them all if I sacrificed my blue and red but traditions must be upheld) and here I am to tell you what I saw and what I thought about them. So without further adieu I made it in time to catch 3 trailers and they were as follows

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Here we go Again

It's another movie night, I am about to head to the theater to watch HOPEFULLY Resident Evil, the final chapter. Resident Evil is a special little conundrum it is based on a video game(mostly) and yet the type of video game it is based on is based on Zombie survival horror which is of course a type of movie. I have often said one of the reasons that RE hasn't been as lackluster as other video game movies is because Zombie Horror is something people know how to do, yes you have to add in crazy looking enemies, mutated dogs, and weird horse/bull looking things but it's still the undead chasing living people around who just want to make it to another day. They have used various characters from the game Ada Wong, Chris Redman, the Nemesis, Wesker, and of course Alice. It plays well because you get to see your favorite characters damn near die or die (depending on who you liked in the movie) but at least go out in a blaze of glory.

They have waded their way through 5 movies(not unlike Underworld) and have decided to let their crew go out in a blaze of glory in one final mega battle. This doesn't mean they can't do another Resident Evil movie later, but they retired Alice around 5 in the games I think, had Chris in more of them as well as showed random other characters. So while you may lose your T-virus power Super Zombie killer you can still have folks who are pretty good at fighting off Zombies and getting to the end versus whoever the Big Boss is.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Trailers for Underworld: Blood Wars

Welp I made it to the movies on time, huzzah as such my movie was of course underworld review to come in 2 days. I got 5 trailers with Blood Wars a decent smattering of genre's and I also got to see that SOMEBODY forgot when springtime started because Sleepless is out in theaters now but the trailers all said spring(unless somehow someway the MIDDLE of January became Springtime).

As for this set of trailers 3 could count as sci fi, one counts as a Video Game movie, 2 count as monster movies, 3 can count as Horror movies, and 2 are newbies I never heard of before with interesting looking casts. I know some of yall are doing the math saying, "he said 5 trailers, how he get so many of each type?" Mainly because a lot of these movies are cross genre and as such you could go see them as a few different types of fan. But without further adieu the first trailer after the jump

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