Monday, February 6, 2017

The Trailers for Resident Evil The final chapter

Due to a series of extremely unfortunate but hilarious events I got to the movie theater later than expected. No seriously it was like something out of a cartoon

  • I couldn't find the car keys
  • I had to give the dog water
  • I get to the gas station because I was on E, I got the slowest teller ever
  • I get behind a car and even though no one is in front of him 10 miles under the speed limit
  • Did I mention he finally sped up when I went to pass him
  • I go to park and somebody can't decide if they want to leave or stay
BUT I got there, I made it in time to see a few of the trailers before the movie(probably would have seen them all if I sacrificed my blue and red but traditions must be upheld) and here I am to tell you what I saw and what I thought about them. So without further adieu I made it in time to catch 3 trailers and they were as follows
King Kong Skull Island

The giant ape is back, and once again humanity has come into his kingdom to start some mess. Of course while here we are trying to find proof that "monsters do exist" we didn't realize that we just woke up the real monsters. Not really a movie I plan to see in the theater and as I have gotten this trailer a few times now I really don't have anything new to say about it.


The international space station. A crew is in the middle of the how ever many day voyage when they find a NEW single cell organism, we finally have the answer to the question: Is there life anywhere else in the universe. The thing about new life though, is it always friendly? In the case of Life, the answer appears to be no. You miles above the earth, escape isn't just hard it is damn near impossible, on top of which can you really risk escaping if you loose this thing upon our planet? A space horror/thriller what do you do when the boogie man has found you and you can't escape outside without dieing swiftly?

T2 Trainspotting

Look, I get that a lot of the people in the FIRST movie went on to have nice careers(or had theirs muddle a while) but seriously does this movie REALLY need a sequel. Trainspotting was a movie about a bunch of heroin addicted Scotts who were living the sex, drugs, rock and roll, and ride the train life. And now we get to see what became of our smack heads, oh well if you liked the first one I guess you've been waiting for this one.

Welp that's it, I may look up all the Superbowl trailers and do a blog for those as well but that's it that's all I got because I was tardy and don't own a Tardis

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